Police officer found guilty of manslaughter for the horrific killing of Dalian Atkinson

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There is a feeling that the police will do all they can to protect each other when something goes wrong, so it’s rare to see any real-life consequences for those who end up killing or hurting citizens by using excessive force.

Of course the police do need to be forceful when it comes to making arrests in some situations, but the details surrounding the killing of Dalian Atkinson are beyond horrific.

Sky News have confirmed that the former Premier League star was tasered for 33 seconds – 6 times longer than it would usually be used for, while he was also kicked at least twice in the head too.

The words “at least” there are particularly harrowing as it suggests it happened more, and it’s clearly a case of the police officer just assaulting a citizen rather than using their powers to make an arrest or detain someone.

The report says that a jury has today decided that the police officer is guilty of the manslaughter of Dalian Atkinson, but it’s obviously led to some anger that it’s still not classed as a murder:

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