Daniel Levy set to appoint Spurs manager who directly contradicts what he promised this summer

It’s likely that fans of rival clubs won’t agree, but you really have to feel sorry for the Tottenham Hotspur supporters just now.

Every club has a bit of a crisis when a long-term manager leaves after a period of success, and it’s getting to the point where nobody really knows what the plan is.

The Jose Mourinho gamble didn’t work and it’s already an edgy summer for the fans as Harry Kane’s future is up in the air, so what they needed was a strong managerial appointment which made a statement and gave you an idea that the club was ready to bounce back.

The reality is completely different as they just seem to be picking names out of a hat when it comes to picking managers to approach, and they keep getting rejected so it’s becoming clear that whoever they do appoint was way down the shortlist.

Former Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo is the latest name to be linked, and in fairness he does have some Premier League pedigree with Wolves and his team could be fun to watch in a counter-attacking kind of way.

The problem for Spurs is that’s not what Daniel Levy promised:

If he is appointed then it could be fascinating to see how he tries to spin it as a positive thing and perhaps Nuno is flexible when it comes to tactics and he cold change, but his appointment would have disaster written all over it…

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  1. Nuno would be better than some of the supposed candidates but I Would prefer Potter. The amazing football he had Brighton playing for the last two seasons has been unbelievable. A decent striker and they would have been challenging for Europe.

    Also why aren’t we looking at signing Tammy Abraham, I know he’s ex Chelsea but to me it’s obvious he’s going to be a star of the future.

    1. Are you for real, the amazing football Brighton are playing. Come back down to reality, they just avoided relegation/

  2. i would rather have Steven Gerrard than Potter anytime..Conte was a great opportunity Levy failed to deliver. Nuno is not a solution neither is Potter or alike. Its a Farcical situation. This club was one of the best in Europe 2 years ago now a laughing stock.Levy gave the Spurs hating media al the weapons to shoot him like an idiot.

      1. Wouldn’t want him even though he’s a longtime hero of mine literally carried us for years,but succeeding at Rangers doesn’t count for anything,Neil Lennon won loads with Celtic ,came down south and only Bolton wanted him,and he didn’t pull up any trees ,Gerrard has done ok but Vialli summed it up when he joined Chelsea ,he said he had a offer to go to Scotland but “nothing happens up there” i think Rangers and Celtic would struggle to get out of the championship

  3. Time to boycott Levy the destroyer of Spurs!
    Any manager appointed will never work out well because Levy is stingy so looking at Wolves or Brighton mgrs they are nowhere near trophies perhaps thats what Levy wants make money not be champions.

  4. Well, putting it simply. The Chairman and Board of this once great club is incompetent. A brand new stadium, training ground to be envious of, a nucleolus of a good squad (with 4-6 high quality players – investment of 150 to 200 million) the club could be in the pot for champions league and silverware. This is NOT the right manager for this club, nor what our incompetent and bombastic chairman has been promising the loyal fans of this club. We are at real low point, Kane is going, no manager (chairman sacks Poch, installs a whinger – no strategy or plan, just incompetence). The owner is nowhere to be seen, no investment, no care and contempt for the supporters…

    The club need NEW OWNERS, people who want to invest, people who care – no egos,. We MUST have a manager who is of the highest quality and will bring our squad along and bring in fresh high quality new blood. You can see it now, new manager,no cash to spend and mid-table (if we are lucky) and no Kane, no Sonny, no trophies, no strategy and no-idea! An absent owner and fans who have had enough!

    Nothng will change, if nothing changes long do we pout up with this? New Owners, New Board, a strategy and investment…

    No to Santo
    Out Levy and Board
    New Owners required

    We need to Boycott and Stand up for our Club. The club is bigger than Levy and the Board and the Owner. It will be long after they’re gone. The need to GO NOW…

  5. The only reason Paratici has been hired is to take the heat off of Daniel Levy, it’s not to make important decisions on the footballing front as Levy has overuled Paratici at least twice since taking over as director of football.
    Levy, Lewis and ENIC have to go for anything to change for the better at Spurs, while Levy is here expect the same as we’ve had over the last 20 years, NOTHING.

  6. Conte was the man levy should of appointed as Spurs new manager, that would of shown our supporters/ fans we mean business to win and challenge. Unfortunately the business is making more money for share holders and spending cheap on 2nd/ 3rd rated players as per usual..just remember & don’t 4get we have been playing with 1 striker for the last 4/5 years with no back up..because no decent striker would want to come to spurs & sit on the bench especially if they were playing week in week out..the solution is we need a manager that is willing to change this joke 1 formation of 1 up front then maybe will can get another striker coming to Spurs knowing he will play rather than getting paid to warm the bench..most Tottenham fans won’t like this but we need to sell kane & buy 2 strikers then build on the team we have or keep Kane buy another striker & change our formation to 2/3 strikers up one person is bigger than the club TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

  7. Agree with all the comments.The only chance this club has to progress in the right way,is without this ghost of an owner and this chairman and board.No fans trust them or believe in them and they should not have to watch the destruction of the club they love by a self interested bunch of money grabbing bstds !

  8. Levi should step down as Tottenham’s chairman he doesn’t care about us fans spurs will never win nothing with nuno the wolves Former manager a another season without champions league Klinsmann would have been a better choice he played for spurs and his history with the fans Levi is cheap and he needs to go no one is bigger than spurs the football club.

  9. Levy and Joe Lewis have made this club into nothing but a banter club.for me as a spurs fan this lowest point in our history even after the juande ramos bs

  10. The new manager will be Martinez.
    That’s the only reason why we didn’t appoint one at this moment.
    Half of the so called candidates are all made up by the press.
    Stop believing everything you read, the newspapers love to bring Spurs down and even more try to break us up.
    The Levy haters will always be there because they are more busy with what he earns rather with what he actually does.
    The real Spurs fans like mij self (45 years) just want to see the team play beautiful football and do the best they can for us. I love Spurs and instead of calling our own club names you should all support them. COYS

  11. Nuno seems a nice guy in interviews and I think he has done a good job at Wolves but I just don’t think he fits the mould of what most of the fans want and what Levy said we were after. Surely the likes of Ten Hag, Potter, Fonseca or even Parker tick more boxes than he does (I don’t want Parker, just saying).

    Of the available candidates left – and assuming Ten Hag isn’t doable – I’d prefer we go for Potter. Plays good football wherever he goes. Solid defensive stats and very good xG – just lacked consistent strikers up top. We have that, so I think he could get us moving again.

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