Cristiano Ronaldo finally meets his match as Belgium’s Thomas Meunier rises above the king of the leap

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Breaking news, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally met his match. At full leap, the kangaroo-legged Portugal star was apprehended by Belgian right-back Thomas Meunier. 

Ronaldo, it’s safe to say, is of some renown. He’s known for many things, with his every detail having been intricately analysed over his decade-plus stay on the A-list.

One thing that does tend to guarantee him twitter clout and a surge in usage of the goat emoji, is his extraordinary jumping skills.

Time and time again we’ve seen Ronaldo soar beyond the jumping ceiling of his lesser-chiselled opponents to head into the net and perform his trademark celebration.

Cristiano Ronaldo performs his party piece

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With the Red Devils of Belgium due to be Ronaldo’s next challenger in the first knockout rounds of the Patrick Schick Championships, Roberto Martinez would’ve had a restless sleep last night.

Martinez could’ve slept like a baby if only he’d known that within his Belgium squad resided the protagonist we’ve all been waiting for over the truly dreadful 18 months of COVID.

Thomas Meunier, who plays as a ‘big old lump,’ for Borussia Dortmund, made it through 29 years of life before discovering that he was in fact Ronaldo’s kryptonite.

Thomas Meunier is a big bloke

With his beloved Portugal trailing 1-0 to Belgium in the Euro 2020 knockouts, footballing icon Ronaldo sprung from the ground, eyes fixed upon the ball. You wondered if this were to be another of his showreel moments.

However, Meunier, like a breaching whale from the ocean, challenged Ronaldo in the air and came up trumps.

With Ronaldo having been booted out of Euro 2020 following a Belgium triumph, he’ll probably rather not have this brought up, but what was that we said before? Details, interactively, analysed.

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