(Video) PSG midfielder reveals that the Argentine squad isn’t trying to force the ball to Lionel Messi

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There’s no denying that Lionel Messi is the engine that makes the Argentina national team attack run. However, one player on the squad stated that they shouldn’t force the ball to the 34-year-old.

Leandro Paredes, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder and Messi’s teammate in the national team, left some curious statements in an interview with Olé, where Marca Claro relayed his comments.

The 26-year-old assures that the ball should not be passed to the Barcelona captain out of obligation, only if he is in the best position to play it.

“When we had to play several games with Rodri De Paul, we realized that it was not an obligation to look for Leo but to find him when he could take advantage. Although his presence leads you to want to give it to him, it is not always the best option. You also have to be smart in that sense,” Paredes said.

“You have to make decisions, whether they are good or not. And you think you make the best one. Then, if you get the pass or not and it was better for the team, it’s something else. But you try to take off that responsibility by always giving it to yourself and try to find [Messi] when he can take advantage.”

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  1. Perfectly said. The reason is that, some player can force pass the ball to messi when he’s in close space that will not even permit him to move. In doing that, you are also exposing the player to injury. You really have to think wise before making decision to pass. What i observe on that Argentina is that we have little envious’s heart within the squad. As a team, you fight together for the same goal of acheivement. Everybody needs to put in time and serious energy. Everybody needs to focus on the game at the same level. You need to put the game on your own head as a individual without depending on someone else. Have any game at heart for winning and put yourself in the position for winning. If all Argentina’s players put themselves in this position, EVERYTHING WILL BE POSSIBLE.

    1. I agree with you man. There is a difference in the current Argentine squad compared to before. They dont heavily rely on him anymore. Love to see this and i really hope Argentina wins this Copa America. I am an Indian and havent really seen Indian Football do big things but supporting Argentina and rooting for them everytime gives such a good feeling.

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