Merseyside Police open an investigation into who is behind horrific banner aimed at Everton’s potential new manager Rafa Benitez

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As a general rule of thumb, rival football supporters are an easy going bunch, content with a bit of good-humoured banter before and after games.

There’s always a small minority that let the side down, however.

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Often termed the ‘hooligan element,’ some supporters clearly can’t help themselves when it comes to wanting to get physical with their rivals and the like.

Everton have long been known as a family club, so it’s a certainty that they’ll be furious with whomever placed a disgusting and sinister banner near their potential new manager, Rafa Benitez’s home.

The malice was clear, and can leave no one in any doubt that if Benitez signs his contract, there could be repercussions.

To that end, according to talkSPORT, Merseyside Police have opened an investigation to find out who was behind making the banner and leaving it close enough to Benitez’s place of residence as to leave little doubt as to its intent.

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