Video: Jurgen Klopp doppleganger spotted partying with England fans ahead of Germany contest

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A Jurgen Klopp doppleganger has been spotted partying with the England fans ahead of their Euro 2020 clash with Germany this evening.

Klopp will have a keen interest in this fixture, being a German and living in England, so you’d imagine he might allow himself a pint or ale or two to settle his nerves.

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What he probably won’t be doing is partying on the shoulders of England fans with a beer in his hand, but we could have been fooled.

An entirely convincing video of a Klopp doppleganger drinking and cheering with the England faithful has been doing the rounds on Twitter.

There’s lookalikes, and then there’s lookalikes. In this instance, we’d have believed you if you told us that it was the REAL Jurgen Klopp partying away outside Wembley.

Though, you’d probably not expect him to parade around in full Liverpool gear.

Still, if that’s NOT Jurgen Klopp, we don’t know what’s real anymore.

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