“Au Revoir, you petulant little man” These Arsenal fans say “good riddance” as ace expected to complete exit

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If you look at Matteo Guendouzi purely from a playing standpoint then he’s everything that Arsenal would be looking for in the transfer market just now.

He’s full of energy and running, he’s not afraid to get physical, he’s quality on the ball and he’s still only 22 so there’s room for him to grow, but it appears that his attitude is just too toxic.

He’s been out of the picture at The Emirates every since that game against Brighton, while any noises about a second chance or him being a changed man don’t appear to be true either.

His exit hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, but there are enough reports going around to suggest it’s pretty much done:

In many ways this will be such a frustrating thing for the Arsenal fans to see, but that’s because they know how could Guendouzi could be if he had the right attitude, so he will probably be seen as a wasted talent.

It appears that most of the fans do approve of the decision to let him go, while some are even delighted to see the back of him:

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