(Video) England fans set off flares outside King’s Cross St Pancras sparking fire evacuation

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King’s Cross St Pancras has been closed after England fans’ flares set off the fire alarms inside the station, report LBC.

England fans appear intent on causing as much disruption in central London today as possible. Some of the Three Lions faithful have already been filmed climbing on the roof of a bus and rendering it out of service.

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You imagine that these stories and Twitter videos are just going to keep on coming throughout the day, with the latest being at King’s Cross St Pancras, which is within the top ten busiest stations in England.

LBC report that King’s Cross St Pancras has been evacuated after flares set off by England fans outside resulted in the fire alarms within the station being set off.

Thankfully there doesn’t appear to be any risk to the public within the station, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that anyone heading into London today is going to face serious disruption.

England fans are hardly renowned for their good behaviour, and now that they’re in a major tournament final in their own country, London is about to go a little bit bonkers…

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