(Video) England fans climb on roof of in-service bus to let off smoke bombs and cause disruption near Wembley

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England fans have been up to their usual debauchery outside Wembley today – and there’s still hours to go until kick-off.

You could probably have predicted that, with England competing in the Euro 2020 final, the country was going to go absolutely bonkers.

Going bonkers ought to be encouraged, after all, it’s been 55 years. However, there are always a few which ruin it for the rest.

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In this case the ‘few’ are the England supporters who felt it appropriate to climb on top of an in-service bus and grind it to a halt.

They proceeded to let off smoke bombs and cause some lunchtime disruption in central London.

If football does come home tonight, please do enjoy the moment as much as you possibly can, because it’d be a historic triumph for us all.

Don’t be these guys, though. The ones who ruin other people’s day and put themselves in danger over a game of football.

We all care immensely about the game – but it’s not worth it.

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