“We are not a charity” – These Arsenal fans back the club as expected exit for star looks like it could fall through

There was so much reported about Granit Xhaka’s potential move to Roma that it was easy to assume that the deal would go through, but everything has gone quiet on that front now.

It appears that the interest is still there but agreeing a fee is proving to be complicated, and the latest reports claim that the deal isn’t close to completion because Roma aren’t willing to meet Arsenal’s asking price:

It appears that the Arsenal fans are open to Xhaka actually leaving the club and it could make space for a more exciting replacement to arrive, but Arsenal’s approach is getting a lot of praise as they refuse to cave and accept a lower amount:


Time will tell if Roma are just trying to play a game of chicken here or if they can’t actually afford to pay what Arsenal want, but this looks like it could drag on throughout the summer.



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  1. We buy for 30, sell for 15. We are witnessing Arsenal fall out. Now World will do so on a serie, drama for sure.

  2. Lets give them time, they will drag their feet but at long last they will still pay that fee.

  3. Xhaka has cost Arsenal an incalculable amount of money by single handedly bundling us out of the champions league yet some morons keep praising him. Name one positive significant contribution he has made since his arrival. Everything Xhaka does is viewed by some psychophants with rose colored glasses when in reality he’s merely doing the basics while getting paid 140,000 pounds per week. It is a fact that in every single season since his inclusion in the team Arsenal have performed worse season upon season “Fact”
    We need to get rid of him as quickly as possible at whatever cost.

    1. Even it was and it’s a piece of your furniture, would you trade him in for that value? Someone versatile to play DM, LB, & CB? I would rather think of your comments as calculated to erode Arsenal’s value. Have you considered the cost of having his replacement? Would a business that’s not sustainable stand with time if they only invest and sell at scrap value?

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