Arsenal respond to racist abuse aimed at Bukayo Saka after Euro 2020 final penalty miss

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Arsenal have released a statement condemning the racist abuse that has been aimed at England star Bukayo Saka after his decisive penalty miss in last night’s Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy.

Gareth Southgate’s side came agonisingly close to winning their first trophy since 1966, but youngster Saka saw his spot-kick saved by Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

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Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho also missed their penalties, and it’s sadly predictable that these players are now receiving racist abuse on social media from some so-called fans.

Arsenal have defended their player and sent a strong message of support via their official site today, and one can only hope they are there to help the 19-year-old through this challenging period.

It might also be a moment for certain politicians in this country to reflect on their bizarre stance on the players taking a knee before matches, as the scale of this abuse shows just how much more we still need to do as a society, even if we like to kid ourselves that the worst of this is in our past.

See below for Arsenal’s statement in full:

Last night, we saw Bukayo Saka reach the Euro 2020 final at the age of 19 years old.

Bukayo has been with us since he was seven and the whole club couldn’t have been prouder to see him represent England throughout the tournament. You could feel it right across the club.

Last night we witnessed the leadership and character we’ve always known and loved in Bukayo. However, this feeling of pride quickly turned to sorrow at the racist comments our young player was subjected to on his social media platforms after the final whistle.

Once again, we are sad to have to say we condemn the racism of a number black players. This cannot continue and the social media platforms and authorities must act to ensure this disgusting abuse to which our players are subjected on a daily basis stops now.

We have processes in place internally at Arsenal to ensure our players are supported both emotionally and practically on this issue but sadly there is only so much we can do.

Our message to Bukayo is: hold your head high, we are so very proud of you and we cannot wait to welcome you back home to Arsenal soon.

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  1. Gunners 4 ever,we love king buka,we ar proud to c u play 4 England, stay strong” king buka

  2. A small part of population are backed by system to impose these shocking acts to hundreds of millions who support their country thèse guys proudly represent

    Im glad we are way more and Saka and every players must remember this; WE are very thankfull not for Euro but every seasons and game they play, providing us so much.

    System IS what it is, i would be for a strike, with clubs back up, no EPL games until League and goverment take responsability to get rid of their systemic racism.

    Take a look at diversity in our countries and World today, as what WE sée every week end, players from all Ethnic backgrounds with no difference, fighting for fans!

    They need a serious reality check; strike will force them.

    No World cup qualifiers games in September. Impose diversity in football’s system.

    It is scandalous to not see any blacks or rarely in boards and Key position at every level of football institution…

    Tigana was first black coach in France and Europe. Viera must be 3rd to 5th even if i dont recall as many , We are 30 years later…

    Ian Wright should be somwhere, Arsenal board at least but more like English federation…Just naming one.

    That systemic racism…We are way above this as people, more Time goes by, they look from another century, retarded…

  3. Arsenal and many highlight systemic racism. Instead of same words, they should take action as every club.

    How Can Ian Wright IS not in Arsenal board? Shocking!

    Fans would be thrilled, but that systemic racism ruins it all…Change must come there.

  4. Strike against racism would force clubs to support, pay players anyhow…Forced to take Real measures…

    To take it on a 19 year old kid IS shocking beyond football. Saka looks like a kid who still love ice-cream, a baby face. Hurts more so to witness this.

    Strike, no League games, nor World cup qualifier…watch how fast they take measures then…

  5. Why would some fools subject our golden boy to racism just because he missed a penalty…Many great players have missed penalties and many more will still do.If i may ask, why would Saka be the one to take the last Penalty kick for England? A mere kid at just 19. After all the good things he has done for England at this Euros, we the true Arsenal fans are very proud of him.

  6. Sure, why not, why not a little more censorship? I NEVER hear you morons bitch & moan about “social media” shadow banning, “fact checking” or outright banning Conservatives, such as President Trump. You’re a rabble of bleeding hearts. “Taking a knee” originated with BLM, and that PIG Kaepernick. BLM IS a Marxist, racist, anti-Semitic, hate group, sworn to overthrow America & free market principles and the nuclear family. Read their site! I will never support morons “taking a knee”!

    1. Actually taking a knee was bought in by Martin Luther King when he prayed at protests. MLK embodied peace, equality and humanity. BLM may have taken it and are using it for other propaganda but it is a symbol of peace and humanity.

    2. Even if the BLM bought back the TTK movement, their political views are not what is supported by using this gesture.
      You know this, but still spout out your hatred.
      Strange that’s it’s was mainly Eastern European racist cultures that first opposed TTK, because it supported Black Lives.
      Nationalistic, white-supremacist, Countries and cultures of low intelligence and you hold them higher than BLM?

  7. Saka has been the best youngest player from group stages upto final, haven’t we seen Messi or C7 missing penality???????

  8. this is not good n it will neva b good for a young player like saka. only God knows how to pay those racist

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