Mark Halsey column: Bjorn Kuipers is the best ref in the world and you can’t criticise him for the Jorginho and Grealish incident in Euro 2020 final

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Bjorn Kuipers had a solid Euro 2020 final, he really was very good. You could have a look at the incident between Jorginho and Jack Grealish, but in real time and from where he was, he thought it was not a reckless challenge.

You can’t really criticise him on that one incident because he made many, many more that were correct.

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If you look at the Raheem Sterling incident, when he went down in the box, that wasn’t enough for a penalty so he got that spot on.

If he had’ve sent Jorginho off, I don’t think anyone will have had any complaints, mind, because if you go into a tackle in that manner, you run the risk. He was lucky.

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VAR wouldn’t get involved though because it’s subjective, and that’s exactly how we want VAR to work.

Kuipers had an excellent tournament overall and is one of the best in the world, if not the best referee in world football at present.

He has that skill to manage the players, smile with the players and stamp his authority on the game. He has empathy and gives the players a chance.

The standard of refereeing in the tournament was second to none, and the fact that there’s nobody talking about refereeing performances from the whole tournament has to be very good news for Roberto Rosetti and the UEFA referees department.

Well done to Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor for their performances too. They’ve refereed a little bit differently to how they would’ve done under PGMOL’s management.

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  1. What about the pull back on Saka jerked him off his feet by his shirt collar could have been a nasty neck injury

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