Chelsea ace in hot water with animal lovers following a video from fourth of July weekend vacation

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Over the fourth of July weekend, Chelsea forward Christian Pulisic did some kick-ups while on a boat with a fish at the bottom. This video has caused an uproar since the animal is endangered. 

As a result, Pulisic dealt with a lot of criticism online, even death threats for his video. During an interview with The Byline, the Chelsea forward’s dad, Mark Pulisic, discussed the social media incident.

The elder Pulisic stated his son wanted to have fun during his vacations, and at no time did he try to harm the marine species, because according to his father, Pulisic is an animal lover.

“He’s not on Twitter during the season, but he knows what’s going on and the toughness after having a bad game. He doesn’t look at it much. What hurts him the most is the culture of cancellation. If you want to post something on the Internet, idiots hide behind computers. People are waiting to hate out of jealousy. That bothers him much more,” Pulisic said.

“He didn’t even realize it, but he’s just trying to have a good time. It’s the most ridiculous thing. Christian is an animal lover. He has horses; he does not want to see injured animals. Unfortunately, he has received death threats in this regard, and it has gotten to the point where people say they want him in jail.”

Marine species defense associations such as Blue Planet Society were at the helm of the criticism against Pulisic for his viral stunt.

“Animal abuse to attract the attention of social media videos appears to be on the rise. We strongly believe that people should be called out for it, especially when they are as influential as Pulisic,” Blue Planet Society wrote on Twitter.

So far, Christian Pulisic has not commented on the matter and is back in England with Chelsea to prepare for the 2021-22 season. The American is coming off a great last few months after winning the Champions League and the Concacaf Nations League with the United States National Team.

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