“Boris is cancelled” – England players REFUSED to meet PM at Downing Street amid racism row

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England players reportedly refused to meet Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a post-Euro 2020 reception at Downing Street.

See below as it’s claimed several members of the England squad declared that “Boris is cancelled” following tensions between the national side and the government in recent weeks…

It was confirmed yesterday that the reception at Downing Street had been ‘shelved’ for the time being, and this came shortly after England defender Tyrone Mings directly hit out at Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Mings accused Patel of stoking the fires that led to Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka receiving horrific racist abuse after missing penalties in the Euro 2020 final defeat to Italy.

Patel and Johnson have previously criticised England’s players for taking the knee before matches, and even encouraged fans to boo them for doing so.

It’s little wonder that it now seems these players are not at all keen to meet with these politicians after their lack of support that seems to have had some role in the abusive messages they’ve received on social media.

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  1. Rascism – bullying – is totally unacceptable and our fantastic boys/men’s who played in our national team have shown such bravery and maturity.

    They won in our eyes and should be applauded for their clean play – they might have the CUP but they WON hands down. Thank you all so much x

    1. Totally agree at least we played a fair game unlike the dirty Italian players pulling saka by top of his shirt which should of been a red card and grealish having his leg stamped on and a penalty refused so yeah we did win that final in my eyes total respect to Southgate and the whole England squad you did us all proud

      1. and I suppose there was no diving from the english submarines, name harry Kane and Stirling? after all how did england get to the final? certainly not through fair play. you have the worst supporters in the world. they are racist, bent on destruction, they boo every other team, the laser light into the danish keeper? oh to be selective, very selective, the English arrogance and lack of humility has no limit. This is why Scotland has to separate from the toxic element that is england with it’s corrupt government.

        1. Please know that this is a loud and stupid minority, many of us are ashamed of the behavior of some of our ‘fans’.

  2. Well done those boys! I’m not a football follower normally but you, the team and your wonderful manager are an inspiration to every child in this country ( and their parents) well done x

  3. Fat Worzel De Piffel and Heil Pritler are the WORST people to be charge of ANYTHING.
    I can’t believe so many were fooled into voting for them

  4. I have even greater respect for this team for standing up to Johnson and Patel. He only wanted this photo opportunity so he could bask in the reflected glory. Total hypocrisy! I’m glad they recognised it as such.

    1. Patel no doubt gets heaps of abusive all year, being an MP, she is not wrong this knee business is a political gesture and lets face it it did no good anyway!
      It’s like parking your car getting out and shouting OH! PLEASE DON’T PINCH MY CAR!
      We all now just about every decent person is for the players whatever colour we don’t need it rammed down our throats at every opportunity, constant reminders not to be racist is boring, and this knee bending nonsense all came about because a criminal in USA who had 14 charges including armed robbery held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly, was unlawfully killed by a police officer who has been charged with murder, so case closed,, GF is being hailed a hero, And he certainly is not that!
      These footballers need to grow up!

      1. Claiming taking the knee has no effect while taking the time and effort to comment on it proves the opposite of your argument.

        Why should anyone that’s not a racist be offended by players indicating their sympathy and solidarity with anyone who is discriminated against. You’d only do that if you’re actuay part of the problem.

    2. Why? She had the courage to say it how it is, a political gesture, support for Marxist BLM,,,,she must get tons of abuse but she handles it like a grown up, knee bend all you like, but why are fans booing because they are more intelligent , well them that are allowed to boo in this country we are crucified for a different view!
      Well done PRITI PATEL X

      1. Marxist BLM? Where did you get that from the Daily Heil? I bet you don’t even know what Marxism is.

        1. I certainly do know what Marxism is, you would do well to investigate BLM yourself, I say again why are fans booing why do the football grounds banging the music up to drown it out?
          I certainly am not part of the problem I think these low life’s are vile, but knee bending doesn’t have the support of some fans, fans that may have higher morals, and having a go at Priti Patel winds me up!
          The media also give to much oxygen to these racists IMO I would imagine they get a sense of achievement when they are endlessly mentioned,,I would applaud a sensible anti racism message but this knee bending has not got the support of all!
          Rightly or wrongly folks regard it as a reference to George Floyd and he was NOT a kind law abiding decent sort!!
          Personally I don’t think they should do anything, some players think it’s degrading fans booing!

  5. Me and my Mrs are not usually football fans . We ended up enjoying it and feeling proud. The fallout afterwards and the mental behaviour at the ground saddened us. Taking the knees is a message we’re all equal . The reaction from our government was an enabler. Well done lads for refusing to allow them to share your glory. Respect to you all you did this country proud . Hope you win the world cup

  6. Morning Harry!
    So anyone with a different view is a racist ,,
    the players that don’t take the knee ( and there are many) are all racists,
    Priti Patel, Boris all racists,,
    How blinkered, this kind of approach to the problem has the opposite effect and makes decent folks resentful and is not a healthy approach and does nothing to help stamp it out, you don’t know me, but to suggest I am possible racists is a typical response, any utterly wrong!
    I say again Priti Patel as an Asian MP is bombarded by these creeps, no one knee bends in the House of Commons for her!

    1. So instead of taking the knee..what would you recommend the players do, as a team, before a match to show their stance against racism?

  7. Stand tall, be proud, ignore the vile creeps, we are giving them too much oxygen and I think they feed off the exposure especially the media, we all know the boys are absolutely against racists of course they are, then behind the scenes track the vile so n so’s down!
    Ignore them, don’t acknowledge them, don’t report it, starve them off publicity,, they love and feed off the feedback, that’s what I think, also it’s pitching decent folk against decent folk, I have been accused of being part of the problem, I can assure you I am not, I have a view and let’s be honest, the players efforts how ever well intended have not worked!

  8. Watch Michael Holding talking about racism, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, any other ideas Jimbob

  9. I will ,,, thank you! It’s a mess all this and very frustrating I know I sound a miserable git but this racism is like covid it is highly likely never to go away, we have it among us and it’s how to control it and live with it,, I do think however that the very few tiny minority are managing to turn everyone upside down and to cause nasty behaviour, I think the attacks on Priti Patel and others is unnecessary and add to the mix of hate, we should pull together, everyone is upset by the vile few, point of interest I read that prem clubs are seriously considering dropping the taking the knee it’s a reminder there is something wrong, and it has been ineffective, and of course we all know everyone is against the vile few, don’t acknowledge their place in the world, don’t give them the air time, I can’t believe the online boffins can’t stop the attacks though!

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