Birmingham City star out indefinitely after being hospitalised by Covid-19

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Birmingham City have been dealt a huge blow ahead of the new 2021/22 Championship season, after one of their players was hospitalised with Covid-19 complications.

Despite most of the country being vaccinated with at least one jab, and for certain age groups both jabs have been administered, goalkeeper, Neil Etheridge, 31, has contracted the virus and will be out indefinitely according to talkSPORT.

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With just over three weeks until Birmingham take on Sheffield United in their first Championship fixture of the new campaign, it’s clear that Etheridge won’t play any part in his team’s pre-season.

The club released a Twitter message to give the custodian some strength as he prepares to battle what is still a virulent virus, despite what some would have us believe.

The length of hospitalisation will more than likely dictate how long Etheridge is out for in total, though it’s clear that both player and club hope that’s sooner rather than later.

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  1. ‘Despite what some would have us believe’. Is this a football article (which doesn’t say anything) or a contribution to Project Fear?

    1. Well said John! Would be interesting to know if Ethers has had the jab and all the people I know who are catching covidand getting ill from it have been jabbed, some of them double jabbed!

    2. Sorry but you are way off beam.
      The fact he has Covid is not made up. You can pretend it has gone away and life is back to normal but that isn’t the case.
      And by the way I strongly advocated the lifting of lockdown – several times.
      We are Just letting China increase its financial stranglehold on us all but to deny the existence of
      Covid is just plain daft.

      1. Covid is Sars !!! The structure differs by 0.3% meaning anybody that lived through sars is immune. But don’t listen to me I’m just a Virologist ! It’s the biggest scam ever put upon the Human Race !!! The vaccines are not Vaccines they are gene replacement therapy. Still in Human trials until 2023 !

        1. I don’t believe you are a virologist 🤣 so where do you work? How long have you been qualified? What qualifications do you actually have? Where is your proof it’s gene therapy ??? 🤣🤣🤣

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