Opinion: Why no one should be surprised by Florentino Perez’s outbursts at Real Madrid

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The release of old recordings of Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, slating former employees of the club shouldn’t really come as any surprise.

After all, we only need look at the way in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Los Blancos’ greatest ever goalscorer, and Iker Casillas, their greatest ever keeper, were treated upon deciding to move to pastures new.

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Some could argue that Ronaldo’s penchant for the theatrical both on and off the pitch means that he somehow reaps what he sows, but that’s a moot point.

You just don’t treat people that have helped restore you to the biggest club in the world like that.

Casillas’ departure from Real Madrid was handled incredibly poorly

Casillas’ departure was cold and callous in its execution. There’s a saying in Spain that you leave a club through the front door or the back.

The custodian deserved to go out with his head high but was instead put through a painful press conference with no other representation, and then ushered away without a second thought.

Let’s be clear. Florentino wields with an iron fist. What he says, goes.

He is so powerful that even the press daren’t challenge him. Finding out the truth about what he thinks about certain players is just more confirmation of what a mean-spirited despot he is.

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