German Olympic team walk off after Jordan Torunarigha is racially abused by Honduran opponents

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Another week, another instance of racist abuse of football players, only this time, it forced the German Olympic team to walk off the pitch during their friendly against Honduras.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times such disgusting behaviour is highlighted, someone, somewhere, believes that it’s the right thing to do.

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According to The Sun, there was still five minutes to play in the match between the two countries, and the score was level at 1-1, when Jordan Torunarigha was abused.

In solidarity with their team-mate, the entire team left the pitch and refused to return, sending FIFA and the Olympic organisers the strongest of messages.

It simply won’t be tolerated anymore, and if the authorities can’t, won’t or are too scared to do anything about it, then players are going to clearly take matters into their own hands.

Manager, Stefan Kuntz, a former German international, no doubt spoke for most people when he said at the end of the game; “When one of our players is racially abused, playing on is not an option.”