Petition for Italy v England replay surpasses 140k signatures and COULD be debated in Parliament

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A petition for the Italy v England Euro 2020 final to be replayed might ACTUALLY be debated in Parliament – if only briefly.

England were defeated by Italy on penalties on their home turf, so you can imagine why the fans are feeling a little bitter in wake of the contest.

So bitter, in fact, that a petition for the game to be replayed has, at the time of writing, surpassed 140k signatures.

The gripe among the England fans was the Italian players’ behaviour throughout, notably THAT Giorgio Chiellini ‘tackle’ on Bukayo Saka.

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The petition organiser, Sharon Guilmen, issued an update to her fellow discontented England supporters a few days ago.

“I am working on sending as many emails to agencies and possible people who will be able to help and assist more. Carry on sharing and commenting, signing, doing everything you can. Let’s try our hardest to get our country a fair chance!”

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Maguire Kane Shaw Saka Sterling Grealish Stones England
England fans remain salty that football didn’t come home this summer

As per the guidelines issued by the UK government themselves, any petition which is posted on the website that surpasses 100k signatures will be considered for a debate in Parliament. Although this petition is not on the official parliamentary site, the sheer numbers indicate that a similar petition on the Parliament UK website would garner similar traction

With this one far surpassing that point, there is a genuine possibility that the UK MPs could be debating whether the Euro 2020 final should be replayed (subject to a new Parliament.UK petition being created and exceeding the threshold).

Unfortunately for those hoping to see football have a second chance at coming home, this has virtually no chance of passing through Parliament, and they definitely don’t have the authority.

It’s a nice try, though!

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  1. 55,56,57,58……. Years, you stole the 66WC and you have the best league in the world. How are you not winning ANYTHING? Simple, your match officials in the league stink, the media hypes every English player to the point of ridiculous transfer fees and wages are paid for players nobody in Europe bats an eyelid to. Your self-righteousness is a sick joke. Eufa should apply brexit rules to the next tournament!!

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