Premier League player faces SERIOUS charges as police raid his home over suspicion of child sex offences

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Of course we live in a society where citizens are innocent until proven guilty, but you always have to think the police need to be very sure of an offence if they plan to start raiding the homes of high profile figures.

The Sun have reported that a Premier League player is in serious trouble after police raided his home last week after they were suspected of child sex offences.

The very nature of those allegations are obviously going to attract a lot of interest, but it must be pointed out that the player hasn’t been named at this point.

For now it’s suggested that he’s been suspended by his club indefinitely and the dressing room is shocked by this so a name will likely leak out at some point soon, while investigations are also ongoing.

The club and the player’s agent have declined to comment for now, but this is likely to blow up once a name is finally revealed.

The Daily Mail have also added to the reporting on this by suggesting it’s a 31-year-old player who’s married and it was Greater Manchester Police who arrested him, but it’s still not clear who the player is.