Chelsea set to suffer a major blow as three highly-rated young players to join Premier League rivals

Most things within football move in cycles, and for many years we would see the biggest sides throw money at young players in an attempt to stockpile as many as possible.

That coincided with transfer fees being at crazy levels, so clubs could justify spending a few million on hoarding multiple young players because if one or two made it into the first team then it was still saving money.

The obvious problem with that strategy was players were simply treated as commodities and careers were wasted as a result, but any kid is always going to be attracted to money and the status that comes with playing for a huge team so it kept happening.

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There has been an obvious shift in recent years where these young talents have looked to leave the safety of giant clubs to prove themselves elsewhere and that success has shown others that it can be a wise career path.

Chelsea have earned a reputation as a club that stockpiles players with the aim of improving them to either keep or sell on for a profit, but there was always going to be a breaking point.

Tariq Lamptey is the perfect example of player who was around the first team but has excelled since joining Brighton, and you have to wonder if these three players see his example as one to follow.

The Athletic report claims that Lewis Bate, Valentino Livramento and Myles Peart-Harris are all set to sign for other Premier League sides this summer, and it is a blow when they are considered as three of their best young talents.

It will take time to tell if Chelsea have lost out here as they’ll need some time to develop, while there’s also an argument to be made that they won’t develop as much playing U23 football for years at Stamford Bridge so letting them go is actually the best thing for them.

Either way, you can be sure there will be uproar if they go on to excel with other teams.

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