Premier League players and staff may be facing compulsory Covid-19 vaccination

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Premier League players and staff are reportedly facing compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 as the government plans for the new season.

Football had to be postponed for three months in the 2019/20 season as the coronavirus outbreak hit the UK, though it has thankfully been able to continue, albeit mainly behind closed doors, since last summer, even though the pandemic remains ongoing.

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The UK’s vaccination campaign should ease things in the near future, but Premier League players and staff may have to take up the vaccine in the hope of avoiding the sport having to be put on hold again in the event of a potential winter wave, according to the Daily Mail.

This will no doubt divide opinion, as will the proposals to have vaccine passports to gain entry into football stadiums next season.

Harry Maguire in action for Manchester United vs Villa
Vaccine passports may be required to get fans back in grounds and players might have to take a compulsory jab

Fans were able to return in smaller numbers for some matches last term, as well as at Euro 2020 this summer, but it might be unsafe in the long run to potentially allow large crowds of people mixing when they haven’t been vaccinated.

It will be interesting to see how these plans develop or if there will be too much opposition from some sides concerned about how it affects civil liberties.