Representatives of Chelsea star inform Dortmund he’s willing to move as part of the Erling Haaland transfer

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It’s understandable that every team in world football would want Erling Haaland this summer, but there’s no chance that Dortmund will let him go unless the offer is ridiculous.

The Norwegian striker has everything you want in a top striker and he should have a fantastic career, but Dortmund would also need to find some kind of replacement before any deal is done.

If Haaland was sold for a huge fee then they’ll be quoted crazy asking prices for any players as a result, but a report from 90min has indicated that there could be a solution.

They confirm that Chelsea are still doing all they can to sign Haaland, and if they did manage to pull it off then Timo Werner would be the odd man out.

He’s not managed to live up to the hype in the Premier League as his goalscoring touch deserted him, and it’s claimed that his representatives have told Dortmund that he’s willing to move in the opposite direction as part of the Haaland deal.

Werner always gave 100% on the pitch and he’s even a likeable player for the neutral, but you can be sure Chelsea would write him off after one season if it means Haaland could be signed.

There’s no sign that a deal is remotely close, but this is an interesting thing to bear in mind as talks continue.

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  1. Chelsea needs Werner and if Hirland’s deal is getting out of hand, get Bamford from Leeds

  2. Brilliant idea, but let the board engage the team fast and get the player fast, and start training with the team, we have no time to wist.

  3. Never Timo is a very brilliant player, we need him in the squad, he’s going nowhere.

  4. Chalsea fc are not serious they were there wasting making noise time will rich you

  5. We don’t need to let Werner leave , we can go for haaland alternative if getting him is so difficult. Timo runs opponent down and make chances for others to score

  6. Timo is going no where pls look for another striker else were that is better then haaland

  7. I think Chelsea can go for a player who have already played in the league. In my mind it is wrong thing to give Timo as part of the Haaland deal.

  8. Abramovic is still there…he will pull the cash not swap deal coz timo is versatile…bring halaand without Timo..All the wingers need not to go anywhere

  9. bro Werner is actually a really good squad player and he always gives it his best shot and I think with his ability to burn down the wing into space he could be really good at carrying the ball forward and squaring it to Haaland, I saw about 3 of his assists came by doing that. I know we got Pulisic but his passing isn’t the best he’s more of a dribbler. I will actually really miss Werner if he goes he actually really fits in the team. i know if it really comes to it,
    I know he will have to go but I wont want to let him go easy.

  10. Chelsea should just present the asked bid to Dortmund because next season it will be harder for them due to competition from other big clubs to be successful they must sacrifice the amount ..currently we only lack a forward man need of other signings then bring harzad back

  11. I don’t even fancy Halaand let’s ignore him go for Kane with lots of experience for the past decade.

  12. I dont think its a nice idea. Timo is better than halland, instead lets sing some one else like isak

    1. Hmmmmmmm that guy can score from every angle of the pitch,and he is very strong with ball
      A greater finisher than timo

  13. Chelsea can afford to let timo leave he will improve his game and most importantly his finishing.

  14. Chelsea if u want to sign a player then go ahead everyday, every minutes, every seconds, haaland is he de only striker

    1. I don’t even know if haaland is the only striker in the world, please go get me kane and leave timo alone.

  15. U guys can’t be serious haaland Here haaland there personally i think Danny Ings or Calvert lewin will be a good signing! Be warned don’t sell or swap Werner

  16. Timo is a good player, if they are really serious to sign haaland, they should bring him and play both of them

  17. Timo is a good player, if they are really serious to sign haaland, they should bring him and play both of them.

  18. Timo iz better Dan halland cz if he,s not scoring he must create a chance so please don’t frustrate us b,cz of halland

  19. Timo is going nowhere, how important was haaland that they will let Timo leave bcos of him

  20. Up blues 4life u and i know the only thing that can stop nonsense is money so lets us use our money stop Haaland,Dortmond nonsense and live wermer out of these he is going nowhere.

  21. If haaland is not going to be materialise by sighing,instead sighn another realible striker in persons like lewadosky,kane or sasa. So chelsea board should stop wasting time.

  22. Why don’t you consider other options that you can partially rely on, cause I don’t see how Haaland is leaving for nothing less than £150m which is off the books and other options such as Lewy? No hard feelings but, Man!! is old, well lukaku also said in a statement that he intends to resume next season with Internationale FC. Then looking at the prospect of these situation at hand (Covid19) , you do business the right way which means looking at other options that suite the managers tactics. Players like Frankfurt’s Luka Jovic or sevilla’s En Nesry or even Bayern Leverkusen’s Top9..

  23. I just can’t believe this club call Chelsea, u buy a player and then try to sell him the other season… seriously Leave Timo alone and stop wasting money trying to get haaland go and get good strker in the EPL

  24. That’s very unfair, timo Werner is not going anywhere, he’s a good player, is just because he wasn’t on his last season, give him one more chance he will perform well

  25. Timo us going nowhere please…. what he actually need is time and pair, look back to the UCL final, it was him that created that chance for Havart to score… come on Chelsea!!!

  26. Timo when he is in bundesliga he is better than halland so why Chelsea worry about him.

  27. there’s no better footballer than Timo Werner 💙💙💙💙, buy Haaland, but you don’t sell a Werner!!!!

  28. Timo Werner is a good player infact he is more than haaland , if durmound did not agree then let us leave haaland , cuz there are many fishes in the river let’s go for another striker

  29. Chelsea needs to act fast about Halland deal we just can’t wait anymore. we need a goal scoring striker

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