‘That’s what they need’ – Arsenal urged to make managerial upgrade after astonishingly bad transfer decision

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After what was a poor season by their standards in 2020/21, Arsenal need to hit the ground running in the forthcoming campaign, however, the Gunners have been urged to make a managerial change in order for them to do so.

Whilst it’s true that Mikel Arteta didn’t have the best time at the helm, he hasn’t become a bad manager overnight.

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It will take time for him to mould the team to play exactly how he would like, and to that end, Arsenal fans need to be patient.

However, talkSPORT pundit, Jamie O’Hara, has hit out at the club’s transfer business and appears to be laying the blame squarely at Arteta’s door.

“This literally sums them up, doesn’t it?” he said on talkSPORT.

“It sums Arsenal up business wise. They got rid of [Emi] Martinez, who’s a brilliant keeper, for what £20million or something?

Mikel Arteta needs to be replaced according to Jamie O’Hara

“A snip, one of the best keepers last season and they’re going to sign someone from a relegated team for £30million! What are they doing?!

“Who is doing their business there? What are they doing? They are a mess.

“They’re signing a keeper that’s not as good as the keeper that they had. Aaron Ramsdale is not as good as Martinez. £30million?

“They need Antonio Conte as a manager, that’s what they need.”

If the north Londoners do endure another disappointing season, then perhaps Conte could be tempted to return to the English capital.

Until then, the Spaniard needs to be backed to the hilt and allowed more time to implement his ideas and style of play.

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  1. I am totally in agreement that arteta arsenal head coach should be replace because he has nothing to offer.

  2. Arteta has made mistakes as a coach but I would still give him one more season. The team’s performance changed since Christmas, so let’s wait and see. The coaches we are talking about they have coached better players comparing to what Arsenal under Arteta has had.

  3. This year will be an absolute train wreck. Again we are bringing in all defensive players when we need goals. Priorities dead wrong. Selling our best players cheap and then overpaying for mediocrity.

    Arteta has had a year and a half. What’s so difficult about his system that people can’t learn in a season? You can’t replace the whole squad, managers have to know how to make the team work with the players they have.

    Laca is our top scorer with great hold up play, but they will sell him and keep Auba who must have had a stroke or something because he hasn’t scored any of the last ten sitters he’s been gifted.

    The wheels are flying off the cart. This management and Kroenkes have no plan and they won’t get the players we need in. We are not linked with any top strikers. There is no intention to fix this problem coming from anywhere in the club. It’ll be a season of 0-0 draws and 1-0 losses. Prepare for 10th place Arsenal fans. Or worse.

    1. Exactly…Look at Chelsea changing coach! in top 4, CL title! Same squad!

      I disagree on Auba though, contradicts your accurate thoughts and should actually highlight it.

      If you Can turn a golden boot to a warned out shoe, it IS a coach & management issue.

  4. Artetta’s problem is his ego which has translated into poor communication with the players. He also shows that certain players are favorites and that will cause rifts in the dressing room

  5. Martinez was a mistake, but only if you believe he is better than Leno. We couldn’t keep both of them because both wanted to play. We have undervalued Emi, but it was during covid, and he only had a number of months worth of experience. The extra ten/fifteen mil on Ramsdale is because he is home-grown. And it is a rumour, we don’t know how accurate it is.

  6. I agree with those who believe Arsenal are getting it wrong in the transfer market. I have wondered why our players don’t have good market value. We buy players expensive and sell cheap.
    Even smaller clubs players are more expensive than our players. Something must be wrong somewhere.
    Why is it that Arsenal players don’t have value in the transfer market?
    Can someone explain that to me please?.

  7. I also want someone to tell me what creterior they are using to grade up the amount of the player’s fee, how can Laca be sold for only 15k while Lokonga is 21k

    1. Just compare their age, Lknga is 21 still got 10 yrs of good football but laca is already 30 coming end of the road for footballers.

  8. The least informed Arsenal fans are commenting on this rubbish. Agreeing with O’hara should be a crime. He’s a Spud! We haven’t bought Ramsdale, btw. Save your nonsense when we do. Martinez is a decent keeper, that’s it! he’s had 1 good season. I mean how wrong can you go with Villa. Villa’s only purpose is to survive in the League. They have very low expectations. Arsenal on the other hand have high expectations.

    1. You are not well informed. Everyone saw how Arsenal improved with EMI in goal. Once you discover talent and such strength, do no sell. Do not sell Saka, do not sell Smith-Rowe, we should not have sold EMI.
      Look now he has helped Argentina and tge great Messi win an elusive cup.

      1. Arteta is the poorest manager arsenal ever had.am sure had we stuck with Martinez ‘we would have now been in europa

  9. Arsenal coach arteta is the one to blame, remember lyk at chelsea, during lampard’s regime, (kante, jorginho, azipli, rudiger, havertz, ziyech, kepa, etc) were all flops, bt wen he went away. Nw the team under tuchel is excelling! Jst the coach was supposed to coach teams with weak dreams rather than teams with high expectations, arteta should go for youth development teams en find his level otherwise, arsenal wil keep fearing world class stars en sign relegated players whom the weak minded coach can manage! Am a chelsea fan bt i can see that also!!!

  10. Lets not talk of Torreira, Guendo and Saliba frustrations and plan to go for £40m Tammy. Just on the shotstopper department: from £20m Emi to £1.5m Runar [to now go on loan] and now to proposed £30m Rams just for backup while attacking department lack productivity and someone is saying Arteta is good. Two seasons in table 8…… Arteta OUT.

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