‘Go to hell’ – These Newcastle fans show how much football still has to change after slamming the club’s support of Northern Pride

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As if Newcastle United don’t have enough problems already, now their supporters have taken to social media to slam the club’s support of Northern Pride.

Although many like to think of England as a more tolerant society these days, occasionally the neanderthals rear their ugly heads and take football back into the dark ages.

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What it shows is that in football particularly, there is an awfully long way to go to educate the masses on certain issues.

Racist, homophobic and sexist abuse is not welcome anywhere, and in any shape or form.

Some of the comments on one social media platform after Newcastle pledged their support to the cause are, frankly, disgusting, and they bring shame and embarrassment on a fervent, loyal and supposedly family-friendly fan base.

What the comments also highlight is the complete lack of action and accountability from the social media companies themselves, and this will almost certainly accelerate the debate for users to be verified.

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  1. I know it doesn’t suit your ‘story’ but take a closer look at these tweets.
    At least 2 of these tweets are NOT from NUFC fans..

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