“Corporate clown” – These fans are furious with Jamie Carragher as he dismisses Gini WIjnaldum’s reasons for Liverpool exit

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Anyone who’s every been on Twitter knows it’s 95% morons hiding behind fake profiles trying to gain attention by spouting off opinions that they’ll never say in public.

That’s only made worse by social media companies doing absolutely nothing to actually stop it, so there will come a point where football players and even the general public stop using it and it quickly becomes pointless.

There’s been an interesting situation over the recent days involving Gini Wijnaldum, as he stated that one of his main reasons for leaving Liverpool was because of the online trolls,, and it’s led to this response from club legend Jamie Carragher:

Let’s not forget this is Jamie Carragher telling him to simply ignore abuse – the same Jamie Carragher that literally spat in a child’s face because he didn’t like someone paying him attention, so the hypocrisy is overwhelming in this case.

There are also allegation of racism in the abuse directed towards Wijnaldum so simply being told to ignore it and then being painted as the villain for earning more money simply emboldens the morons here, and it’s no surprise that Carragher is taking some backlash on this one:


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  1. Get real people. Gini’s statement was released purely to ‘clear his name’ or his conscience. He wanted a contract longer than that FSG were willing to offer under their strategy and with more money. To blame trolls is ridiculous. First off, who is to say they are even anything to do with Liverpool? They could be from anywhere in the world and from any club. I’m a season ticket holder and have seen all of the home games and not once has there been anything negative against Gini. And surely that is what counts, the attitude of the supporters not some trolls. I wish Gini well as he has been a great servant to the club. But at least be honest about your reasons for going. You owe that to the real fans.

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