Adam Johnson in 2021: Disgraced PL star expecting second baby after reunion with ex, loves a round of golf

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Disgraced Premier League star Adam Johnson has reunited with his ex-girlfriend, with the pair expecting a new baby, reports The Sun.

As is mentioned in the report, Johnson was thrown behind bars five years ago after being found guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old.

Johnson has since been released after serving half his sentence, and as is suggested by this photo included in The Sun’s report, passes his time on the golf course.

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Photo via The Sun

At the time of Johnson’s trial and subsequent imprisonment, he was in a relationship with Stacey Flounders, with whom he shares a daughter.

The report claims that Johnson has now reunited with Flounders, who is pregnant with their second child, which is due within a matter of weeks.

A ‘friend’ of the family is quoted in The Sun’s report attempting to provide insight into how the pair have moved on with their lives following his release.

“They got back together through lockdown when they were spending lots of time with each other looking after their daughter.”

“Stacey never thought of Adam as a paedophile.”

“She knew he made mistakes and was furious with him for all of his cheating.”

“But she never hated him. He insists he has learned the error of his ways and has promised he will never cheat again.”

Flounders stood by Johnson as he stood trial for serious offences

“She thinks he is a brilliant dad.”

“This is a new chapter in their lives and Stacey couldn’t be happier. But make no mistake – she will not be messed around.”

“These last few years have really toughened her up and, although she has forgiven Adam, there will be no second chances.”

There’s a suggestion there that Johnson is on his final warning in his relationship. You’d like to think this is one thing that he’ll manage to not completely mess up.

His footballing career is over, his reputation is tarnished, he ought to hold onto his wife, daughter and new baby as best he can.

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