Wayne Rooney alleges he was blackmailed by girls with significant detail remaining unclear

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Wayne Rooney alleges he was BLACKMAILED over the leaked hotel snaps which have gone viral on social media, according to the Daily Mail.

Photos of a sleeping Rooney in a hotel room alongside half-dressed girls went viral over the weekend, with it initially appearing to be just more Rooney debauchery, but has ended up being something a little more serious.

As is written by the Daily Mail, Rooney and his lawyers have drawn up a complaint to the police over the conduct of the girls, with their photo-taking seemingly consensual, with Rooney fast asleep.

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Wayne Rooney was awake for seemingly the bulk of his interactions with the girls

The claims being made by Rooney include blackmail, as per the report, the nature of which is not exactly clear.

So is suggested in the report by the Daily Mail, the intentions of the girls involved were not to have caused such drama, but Rooney is a married man and a father of four, who has a reputation to uphold.

If the Derby County manager really does feel as though he’s been wronged, and even blackmailed, he’s well within his rights to head down the legal route.

The significant detail which remains unclear, as per the report, is whether the hotel where the incident(s) took place is under the jurisdiction of the Greater Manchester Police or British Transport Police.

Once that’s established, you imagine Rooney and his team will push ahead with their complaint…

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