Paul Pogba will push Man United into the impossible position over his contract extension

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It’s quite remarkable that Man United are staring down the barrel of losing Paul Pogba on a free transfer for the second time, and it’s easy to point fingers over the management of his contract.

He does split opinion among fans and pundits purely because we all know how good he can be, but that doesn’t always shine through at Old Trafford so this is probably the natural time for him to move on if he wants one more massive transfer.

Committing his long-term future to United still isn’t completely out of the question, but a recent report from Sky Sports does suggest this is going to leave United in the worst possible position.

He’s not willing to sign a new deal during this transfer window, so it’s likely that any talks will be pushed towards January – A time when he can also openly negotiate and sign a pre-contract agreement with European clubs.

That means he and his agent can play clubs of against each other and United could be forced to pay more than they want to avoid losing him for nothing, so it will be interesting to see if they try to push him out in this window to avoid that situation.

Of course it could also come down to sporting ambition and if United are firing after adding some impressive signings then he might be more inclined to stay, but this could be a very messy situation.

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  1. Pogba does not deserve to be a Man Utd player. Yes he is talented but he does not put his team first, he plays according to the mood he is in. Man Utd will not succeed until he is gone.

  2. GET RID of him… He has been paid a fortune and in return we get occasional glimpses of football and this incessant abuse in every xfer window, he’s a disruption in the dressing room and he is just publicity seeking all the time, he is not as good as he thinks he is, no one is bigger than manchester united…. OUT OUT OUT

  3. everything has been said already about Pogba and Raiola. United are at fault for not accepting this situation as inevitable 2 years ago. All fans will hurt to see Raiola pocket many millions whatever the outcome. My choice: play Pogba every match and let him go for free next year. Do not pay a penny to the greedy evil agent.
    If Pogba was offered to Liverpool, Raiola must have asked Pogba first. So Pogba must have agreed with the idea. This confirms my very low opinion of them both.

  4. I agree with all the comments, and as someone who cares about the club and could see this coming, they really should have been rid of him at least 2 years ago. He and his agent are destroying the club, and he’s not our best player overall, as his performances are usually laced with moderacy and mistakes. LAST CHANCE SALOON, OR EGG IN YOUR FACE DIRECTORS OF MUFC, SO GET RID NOW!!!

  5. If he does not sign a new contract then either sell him now or tell him not to come to the club until his contract runs out. He can stay at home for a year polishing his ego.

  6. With Pogba our success is farer than expected

    He must depart … You can’t perform at your highest level in Manchester United if you’re not committed whole heatedly

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