Report claims Mikel Arteta has made a massive U-turn based on star’s showing at Euro 2020 this summer

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While general interest in international football may be shrinking unless there’s a major tournament on, there are some players who just seem to excel when they pull on their national team’s shirt.

Granit Xhaka is the perfect example for Switzerland as he tends to look imperious regardless of what’s going on at Arsenal, and he was brilliant this summer as the Swiss defied expectations in Euro 2020.

Those performances were understandably met with dismay among Gunners fans who wondered why they would be looking to let someone with that ability go, but a report from The Athletic via Goal has indicated that Mikel Arteta is going to make a massive U-turn.

It was thought that he would sign for Roma and Arteta was happy to let him go after some poor performances last season, but it’s now thought that he’s changed his mind because of how well he did for Switzerland this summer.

That can be a risky move as some players will look better in a certain system or playing in a certain style, so it will be fascinating to see how he fares next season if this does happen.

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  1. Please please let Grant xhakka move on. He might be a good player but not for Arsenal. That’s a play who can tackle without fouling the other player. Each time he goes into a tackle I squeamish because I instantly know trouble for us. So let him go.

  2. On a second thought, i will like to see xhaka to stay put…reason is during the last periods of the season to be sincere, Xhaka was the most outstanding player we had when it comes to using him as Tierney’s cover, in defense n in the midfield..he took those impressive forms to the Euro so it might be that he has finally find his feet n that may benefit us

  3. U turn highlights poor management or rumours.

    If all Roma saga & intention to sell IS true, this does look weird.

    Euro highlights how he should be played, his performance was top class Indeed.

    Clearly management issue, if Can make a golden boot to an Auba Ghost; Xhaka will look as bad as Bellerin.

    Can go on & on, Kolas loan leaving no back up for Tierny.

    Therefore, bring Ben White wont change anything but have him look as a midtable player he has been, transfered to a midtable confirmed club we been 2 seasons under Art’Edu, breaking millenium infamous records back to back.

    Desperate for a job they don’t know, devellopong at Arsenal instead to do as everyone else in midtable team first, making us that, sacrificing, ruining us & squad in less than 2 years!

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