Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic opens up on mental health struggles and seeking therapy

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It’s often overlooked that professional athletes and football players are human beings too, with the same issues and struggles as Joe Public, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic opening up on his own mental health struggles.

The American star has had issues with injuries as well as being in and out of the Chelsea side, but it was the effect that the coronavirus pandemic has had upon the way football has developed that saw him decide to reach out to a therapist.

Far from being ashamed of doing so, Pulisic encouraged others to think of doing exactly the same.

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“I also reached out to a therapist and it’s not anything that anyone should ever be ashamed of,” he said to the official Chelsea website.

Christian Pulisic has opened up about his mental health

By being so honest and open about his worries and feelings, the player is bound to have helped many others who may be struggling to come to terms with various aspects of their lives at present.

If just one person is helped by his honesty, that’s a great start to a conversation that needs to be had more regularly.

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