The start of the new Premier League season set to be disrupted with a number of players refusing to have the Covid vaccine

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With less than a week to go until the English Football League begins, and only a further week until their Premier League counterparts get their 2021/22 season underway, there is chaos behind the scenes at many clubs with players still refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to The Sun, dressing rooms are becoming divided as more and more players decide not to get jabbed, and one unnamed Championship outfit had to send players and staff into isolation after one refused to be vaccinated and then caught the virus.

If players continue adopting the same attitude, it could lead to suspension of games again, in much the same way as was seen last season.

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There’s even been a recent problem with a transfer after one Premier League player caught Covid and was unable to complete the deal as a result.

Premier League coronavirus problems

With so much at stake this season both on and off the pitch, the current scenario is threatening to boil over at any moment.

Managers and coaches have enough to deal with as it is, without having a dressing room split right down the middle and players who could, theoretically, jeopardise the health of others around them.