Tyrone Mings’ secret Covid battle saw Aston Villa man lose sense of taste and smell

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It’s hard to believe that some people still think that the coronavirus is a hoax, particularly when elite athletes, as in Aston Villa star, Tyrone Mings’ case, are hit for six by it.

Mings spoke to The Sun about his experience of contracting Covid, and he claimed to have completely lost his sense of taste and smell for over eight months.

When such symptoms go on for so long, it gives more credence to what has become known as long Covid.

That there was no discernible drop off in the player’s defensive excellence during the time in which he was battling the virus, is testament to his natural levels of fitness.

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“I was so ill. It was awful. I had all the symptoms, and I lost my smell and taste from that day for eight months,” he said.

Tyrone Mings battled long Covid for eight months

“It was heartbreaking – I was going through all the different food groups trying to work out how I could get my taste back.

“I remember my smell coming back very faint, I would spray perfume and I would get a faint whiff. With my taste it was like my brain was telling me what something tasted like.

“Like I still wouldn’t eat foods I didn’t like, even though I couldn’t taste anything. It made no sense.

“I remember finally going for a curry one time and I got the faintest taste and I thought, ‘Here we go. It’s coming back!”

Clearly, Mings had recovered well enough to be considered as part of the Euro 2020 squad for England, and there’s nothing now to suggest that he isn’t back to his optimum level of fitness.

Aston Villa will certainly be hoping that’s the case ahead of a gruelling Premier League campaign.

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