Euro giants set to take a huge gamble as Chelsea lodge an offer of €130m for their megastar striker

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Chelsea may be playing a risky game with their hunt to sign a new striker, mainly because they’re either going to spend an extraordinary amount which will heighten the expectation to insane levels, or they’ll disappoint the fans with an underwhelming signing.

Timo Werner did bring work rate and movement to the attack last season but goals weren’t so easy to come by, and you need to have a reliable goalscorer to challenge for the title over a league season.

Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland has been heavily linked all summer, and this is a massive offer if the information is correct:

Under normal circumstances, it’s completely understandable that Dortmund would look to keep their star man, but there’s more to this as it’s confirmed that he has a release clause of €75m which is activated next summer.

That means they could miss out on around €55m if they don’t accept this offer now, and you really have to wonder if having him for one more season is worth €55m to the club.

Perhaps they hope that things will change and a new contract could be worked out to remove the clause or they may still sense Chelsea’s desperation and know they’ll come back with even more money, but

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  1. U forgot to add the 40m halaands father and his agent Riola will pocket, They will all miss out on maszive payday they cant count on getting paid nxt season especially in this Covid climate, And to think the monies there on the table now.

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