St. Pauli midfielder screams to have his kneecap popped back in after training ground dislocation

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For one St. Pauli player, his season was over before it began after an horrific training ground accident on Monday.

According to BILD, cited by the Daily Star, St Pauli midfielder, Lukas Daschner, screamed at the top of his voice ‘put it back in,’ after dislocating his kneecap.

His colleagues and staff immediately ran to his aid, with some unable to look, such was the graphic nature of the injury.

It’s said that the 22-year-old will now have to spend several weeks on the sidelines in order to ensure that the injury heals appropriately and he’s able to come back as good as new.

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The training session was apparently ended immediately, as the player received treatment.

As news spread of the accident, well-wishers on social media sent their best which will no doubt keep Daschner’s spirits up.

It’s bound to be a very long road back to fitness, and getting over going hard into a challenge will surely be the player’s biggest hurdle.