Jamie Carragher doesn’t agree that Harry Kane has been backed into a corner at Tottenham ahead of proposed Man City move

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Things are really starting to hot up now between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City over the Harry Kane saga, but Jamie Carragher disagrees that Daniel Levy doesn’t have the right to demand whatever he wishes for the player.

Suggestions that the centre-forward has somehow been backed into a corner have been given short shrift by the former Liverpool legend.

Kane hadn’t turned up for training in the early part of the week leading to the belief that he had actually gone on strike, although the Daily Mail note that his absence is because he is isolating after his summer holiday.

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Carragher has placed the blame for the perceived contract impasse at Kane’s own door, and that of his agents.

Jamie Carragher isn’t happy with the Harry Kane transfer situation

“I have no problem with him wanting to go to City,” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

“But it’s the way he’s going about trying to get that transfer by not turning up to training that is worrying.

“My message to Harry would the same as it was to Stevie: don’t ruin your reputation for this; always think about your name and standing in the game. For me, that is as important as any trophy Harry could win.

“I still don’t understand this talk of Kane being backed into a corner.

“Has he? Why so? The club never forced Harry Kane to sign a six-year deal in 2018.

“It’s the fault of him and his advisors for signing a contract that long without a buyout clause, which was absolutely ridiculous.”

With just over a week and a half to go until the start of the 2021/22 campaign, both clubs would do well to come to an accord.

Kane has made his intentions clear, and Daniel Levy really can’t afford to have an unhappy player in his ranks.

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  1. ‘both clubs would do well to come to an accord’, why, if we have no intention of selling him? They could maybe try offering £150 million and see what happens? Otherwise, we sit back and do nothing. If Kane goes on strike, I can’t see him being picked for England. Does he want that?

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