Luton Town players will refuse to take the knee this season over ‘political statement’ fears

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It’s a move that’s bound to spark controversy, but Luton Town are steadfast in their belief that taking the knee is being hijacked as a political statement and their players will therefore not do so during the 2021/22 campaign.

Instead, as Sky Sports report, the Championship side will all gather together in the centre circle. before matches.

It would appear that their fears are based around the misrepresentation of what taking the knee has become, and rather than add further fuel to the fire, the group have unanimously chosen to protest in a different manner.

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It’s difficult to assess at this stage how their stance will be received by opponents and supporters.

Luton’s players won’t be taking the knee this season

With fans back in the grounds from Saturday, there’s also the possibility of the taking of the knee being booed.

The club themselves have released an impassioned plea, via an official statement, clearly setting out their position on the matter.

“We can confirm that our players have made a united decision to not take the knee before matches at the start of the 2021/22 season,” it read, via Sky Sports.

“The squad have discussed at length the advantages and disadvantages of continuing the gesture, and collectively feel that their intention of making a visual symbol of their support for the fight against racism, inequality and injustice has been misrepresented as a political statement.

“They do not wish for this gesture to become a catalyst for negativity, and instead plan to stand together around the centre circle in support of all other teams who choose to do so.