Premier League club owner’s cleaner lover entitled to portion of his £18m fortune

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The family of ex-Southampton boss, Leon Crouch, who fell for the club’s cleaner, Barbara Jadrych, and had a child with her that is now eight years old, will be forced to allow part of his fortune to be paid to Ms. Jadrych following a court ruling.

The Sun report that Crouch had an affair with his cleaner some 10 years ago, and she ended up moving into his sprawling £8.5m mansion.

Due to marry in 2019, Mr. Crouch unfortunately passed away from cancer, aged 70, three weeks before the pair had a chance to legalise their union.

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Issuing a High Court writ, Ms. Jadrych had made it clear that Mr. Crouch had said he would look after her.

The will of former Southampton owner, Leon Crouch, has made financial provision for his cleaner lover

Indeed, it’s reported that his 2016 will had a specific order saying she should be added as a discretionary beneficiary.

Court papers detail that the cleaner was entitled to ‘reasonable financial provision,’ and whilst the details of the settlement haven’t been released, it’s thought that it could run into millions of pounds.