WATCH: PSG fans sprint after black van outside Paris airport, just in case Lionel Messi’s inside

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A group of PSG supporters have been filmed running after a random black van outside a Paris airport… just in case Lionel Messi’s inside.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware that Messi is on the verge of becoming a PSG player, with Barcelona having been unable to tie him down to a contract extension.

A considerable chunk of the PSG fanbase have now seemingly lost their minds. Though, considering the circumstances, you could forgive them for doing so – they are about to sign the greatest player of all-time.

Still, perhaps running after EVERY black van they see outside a Paris airport, just in case Messi’s inside, isn’t the best way to prepare for his arrival in France’s capital…

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Whoever the poor sir/madam was in the back of the van must have been given quite the fright to have turned around and seen a relatively large group of people running towards them.

It’d have been like a scene from The Walking Dead…

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