Video: Pundit says Smith Rowe doesn’t deserve Arsenal’s No.10 shirt and Gunners not progressing under Arteta

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It’s a hugely important season ahead for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, but one pundit believes that the Gunners aren’t progressing under the Spaniard and he’s already made one poor decision.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Lianne Sanderson suggested that Emile Smith Rowe wasn’t yet deserving of the No.10 shirt handed to him by Arteta after he’d signed a new, long-term contract.

It’ll certainly put some pressure on the youngster to deliver, but if, as many seem to believe, he’s the real deal, it’s unlikely to faze him.

Whether Arteta can guide the Gunners back towards the top of the table is another question entirely.

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  1. Arsenal went from near-relegation in the first third of last season to a record second only to Man City in the final 2/3 of the season. That sounds a lot like “progressing” to me.

    1. So funny….. We won the FA Cup and were then battling relegation the following season. We improved towards the end of last season and finished 8th and you jokingly said that’s progress…. I will give Arteta the 1st half of the season but after seeing our so so warm up games I’m not holding out much hope….. But thanks for making me chuckle

  2. FA or League Cup are our only spots to EL with Arteta as coach.

    Unfortunatly, teams as Leeds, Everton, westham, Wolves and others as Palace if Viera manages to keep Zaha; will all fight for EL and will therefore make Cups a priority optional target as well.

    Man U may not sign Haland but still have Cavani serial striker who has adapted to EPL

    Chelsea, Reds, City, Spurs seem to gear up strongly, they will be fighting for title.

    If one of these teams brings Koulibaly as CD, it will have an edge. If Arsenal does, we will join these 5 teams, Conte as a coach or course!

  3. How Can WE possibly progress under Arteta as a team & club?

    He must go learn in a small team, not make us one flirting with relegation & 12 spot all Season long. Common sense, if Lampard manages to finish top 4 & still get fired, how Can Arteta still there all this Time? .

    Unreal stuff, but only fare, he stepped in as an assistant coach, named manager after half Season!

    Rowe was given 10 shirt in order to trick him to extend, just as Auba named Captain. Same trick!

    WE currently chasing for 2 attacking midfield to replace Odengaar & Ceballos.

    If Madison did Come, what number would he get? It should be 10 of course…Ridiculous, messy management all the way!

    Not a scoop from pundits, just reality some seem to be totally blinded from; praising Arteta, giving him Time to devellop as a coach ..

    Liké learning how to drive in a Ferrari. Banging it non stop!

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