(Video) “You’re just a s*** Tottenham Hotspur” – Arsenal expertly trolled by Brentford fans during dismal defeat

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The Brentford fans brilliantly trolled Arsenal during their opening night victory over the Gunners on Friday.

Brentford had never made an appearance in the Premier League prior to their clash with Mikel Arteta’s men, so you can understand why their supporters were fired up and singing virtually non-stop for an hour and a half.

While they did show their class by giving Bukayo Saka a standing ovation as he entered the action as a substitute, they also proved that they have the renowned British football fan sense of humour.

With the newly-promoted side leading Arsenal, who will be looking to get back into Europe this campaign (but look far away from being capable to challenge), have a listen to what they chanted at the visitors…

Pictures courtesy as Sky Sports

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There’s hardly a worse insult from an Arsenal perspective than to be called “sh*t Tottenham Hotspur,” with the fact they’re not as bad as their arch-rivals being all the club have had going for them over the past decade.

Unfortunately for anyone with any Arsenal affiliation, Tottenham have caught up with them, and with the new impressive stadium having been built, they’re not going away any time soon…