Tottenham and West Ham target discusses the pressures of playing for a big club

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Igor Gomes has seen his name in various rumors linking the 22-year-old to two Premier League clubs in Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. 

Over the weekend, Gomes scored the game-winning goal against Grêmio, pushing either of the English clubs to submit an official proposal for the midfielder. Gomes spoke to Esporte News Mundo (via UOL Esporte), and one of the main discussion points was acknowledging his capabilities of playing for a big club.

“We are already used to São Paulo, São Paulo is a very big club, we know that if we win, it’s good if we lose, it’s terrible. It bothers me because we often play great games, and we know that everyone wants to win, but we know that the game is played and not always the best will win,” Gomes said.

“We work to always come out with the three points. The pressure will always exist; it has always been there, in good times and bad times. I don’t know about other clubs, but I guarantee you that in São Paulo, maybe not be as much pressure as in the professional, but our internal pressure is very high. We play not to lose, we lose a game, and it seems that the world is falling there.”

Gomes speaking about playing for a club that has specific goals that they’re trying to meet, like winning trophies would be music to the ears of Tottenham and West Ham.

If they had questions or concerns about his mentality, then this would cause them to know what type of player they could be getting should they pursue him.

The article adds a small detail at the end that states the player’s representatives haven’t received an official proposal from any club but have conducted polls.

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