Atlético Mineiro club chief discusses the contracting of Diego Costa

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Clube Atlético Mineiro recently announced the arrival of Diego Costa to the club, who will sign a contract one and a half year contract with the Brazilian side. 

In an interview with Rádio Bandeirantes (via Bolavip), Mineiro president Sérgio Coelho detailed the deal with Costa developed, considering the player had been without a club since December.

Coelho stated that the discussions with the 32-year-old and his representatives for about ten days. Furthermore, what helped negotiations as Costa checked off the qualities they were looking for in a striker.

“This negotiation lasted about ten days. We were looking for a center forward in his style. An area center forward. It’s a rare position today. When the possibility arose, we invested in the negotiation,” Coelho said.

“It’s a long negotiation, from a big player. I had a video meeting with him, we talked. And, before we started negotiations, I talked a lot with our football director (Rodrigo Caetano).”

When it came to the financial side, club patron Rubens Menin also chimed in on the matter, stating that the club didn’t resort to any crazy amount when it comes to the wages for Costa.

“Everything is done with great discretion at Atlético. The department approved. Financially it was in our pocket. We didn’t do anything crazy,” Menin said.

One of the most significant issues as to why Costa had remained a free agent for months was his wage demands which is why various moves to European clubs fell through. It seems as though Mineiro didn’t agree to outrageous wages to land Costa.

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