Top European clubs putting pressure on players to be double jabbed ahead of Champions League return

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With the return of the Champions League just around the corner, some of European football’s top clubs are beginning to put pressure on their players to get double jabbed.

As the Daily Mail note, dressing rooms everywhere are split because some players are happy to be vaccinated whilst others are dead against it.

The issue on the horizon is that rules regarding allowing people into countries across Europe could mean that some players are refused entry and will therefore be unable to play for their teams in either the premier European competition, the Europa League or the Europa Conference League.

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The UK government haven’t yet made it compulsory to be double jabbed, and players aren’t contractually obliged to be so either.

There could be huge issues in the Champions League and Europa League this season

It’s an evolving situation, but one which, unless it’s dealt with head on, and quickly, has the potential to cause tremendous problems during the season.

Some clubs making players pay for their own Covid-19 tests if they refuse to be vaccinated is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of pressure being applied from within.

There are workers rights and legal issues in play, opening up a minefield of debate on the subject.

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