(Video) Referee in Honduras pulls out a gun after angry fans and players threatened his life

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A referee in Honduras pulled a gun to defend himself after a group of angry fans and players threatened his life.

It’s not unusual for fans to find themselves frustrated by decisions made by referees. It’s one of the most unpopular professions we can think of.

However, if Mike Dean awards a penalty which should never have been, he’s never going to have threats made against his life, no matter how angry the supporters are.

He’s also not going to have to pull out a gun to defend himself, as a referee in Honduras did after a group of angry fans and players left him in an imperilled position.

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The referee even unloaded several rounds into the ground just to show people that the gun was real and he meant business. It seems incredible that was necessary.

There’s a surplus of craziness in the world, with football often contributing to it. This is extreme even by the ordinary standards set, though…