Bad news for Mikel Arteta as Arsenal are now prepared to sack him

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Everyone can see that Arsenal are an absolute basket case of a club just now, so it’s understandable that Mikel Arteta is given a pass at times because he doesn’t have a lot to work with.

He’s also a rookie manager who was still settling into the role so it makes sense that he was given time and assurances to get things right, but there does come a time when he’s simply part of the problem and he has to go.

There were suggestions last season that he would’ve kept his job no matter what (perhaps relegation would’ve changed that) but it now looks like he needs to turn things around pretty quickly or he could be gone:

Sacking him would only be part of the problem as no top-level manager is going to touch that job, while simply hiring an old legend with “Arsenal DNA” doesn’t actually mean anything if they have no money and a squad that can best be described as mediocre.

It’s unlikely to get better in their next Premier League game against Man City, while a failure to beat Norwich at home after that could be fatal… especially when it’s followed by a trip to Burnley which could be very tricky indeed.

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