Former Love Islander Ellie Brown breaks silence amid Jack Grealish reports

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Former Love Islander Ellie Brown has hit back after speculation around her and Jack Grealish.

Images emerged this week appearing to show Grealish on a night out with Brown, leading to suggestions the Manchester City star was doing something he shouldn’t have been.

The £100million midfielder is in a long-standing relationship with childhood sweetheart Sasha Attwood, so the press jumped all over images of him in proximity to another woman.

The reports were always going to be over the top, given it is some jump to suggest impropriety based on Grealish simply being in the company of another woman.

And Brown herself has now refuted the reports, explaining that she spent no more than a few seconds with Grealish, despite paparazzi pictures being twisted to tell a different story.

Brown said via the Mirror: “This ‘party’ was an event and If you know the venue that’s where the toilets are.

“Must of said hi for all of 30 seconds but you of course never fail.”

Grealish scored his first Manchester City goal last weekend and will be focused on matters on the pitch while these reports blow over.

Image credit: Aaron Parfitt

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