(Video) West Ham fans abuse female Crystal Palace supporter with disgraceful ‘chlamydia’ jibe

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West Ham fans have been caught on camera abusing a female fan by chanting “she’s got chlamydia” in her direction.

There has been a major drive for equality in football in recent years – and you’d like to think we’ve made considerable progress.

The issue is still rife, let’s not be ignorant about that, but forward strides have been made, or so we thought prior to seeing this video from the London Stadium.

The context is not clear, but the context is hardly important. West Ham fans can be heard chanting “she’s got chlamydia” at a member of the Crystal Palace fanbase.

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She’s got a smile on her face, she may well find it funny, but there’ll be onlookers who will find no joy out of the singling out of a female at a football match and joking about her having an STD.

The West Ham fans responsible are well within their rights to take the mick about of the travelling party – we’d actually encourage it – but you have to think before you sing.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of offensive chanting that the West Ham fanbase have been embroiled in over the years, it goes to show that further education is required…