“Arteta is a clown” – These Arsenal fans hit out at manager after player’s Instagram outburst

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Loads of Arsenal fans seem pretty unhappy with manager Mikel Arteta after the Instagram outburst from Ainsley Maitland-Niles this afternoon.

The 23-year-old has taken to social media to send a very clear message about wanting to go and play somewhere where he’s wanted after a lack of opportunities in the Gunners’ first-team for some time now.

Maitland-Niles went out on loan to West Brom last season but didn’t manage to do enough to impress there either, though he’s previously shown plenty of promise at Arsenal.

Having come through the academy, Maitland-Niles formed part of an exciting generation of players such as Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Joe Willock, but it now seems highly unlikely he’s going to be able to work his way back into Arteta’s plans.

Chris Wheatley of football.london claims that Arsenal have rejected an offer from Everton for the England international, prompting this response…

In different times, this might have been taken as an act of petulance by the player, but it seems pretty clear that the fans are turning against Arteta, rather than Maitland-Niles.

It’s been a nightmarish start to the new campaign by Arteta’s side, and it seems he’s not handled this in the best possible way either.

See below for some of the reaction from Arsenal fans on Twitter…

It’s hard to imagine a worse summer for Arsenal and Arteta, and the mood around the club just seems to get worse and worse.

It would be some turnaround if Arteta survived all this and ended up guiding Arsenal towards anything like an acceptable season.

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  1. This is sad time for the club, usually players don’t come out to force a move so often, this is real going down mood for the unambitiouse club, when players do that, it’s a sign of serious disrespect for the club however I won’t blame the player, the club have continued to reduce their capacity in all front apart from spending money stupidly, they have done so well in that aspect, this guy AMN is a quality player, kronkes must be forced out of the club for not holding up standard required as the owner!!

  2. Artetas multi-dysfunctional behavior become more and more embarrassing and threatening to ruin Arsenal for years to come. What are the sackers waiting for? What kind of miracle do they hope for that is going to turn this mentally deranged man into a successful professional football manager – ot of nothing? #ArtetaOut!

  3. Arsenal is a club being run to make money and ever since the Kronkes have been at the helm Arsenal have got worse and worse and worse The only option the Kronkes have now is to buy young players around 21,22,23 and gradually sell them in say 3 or 4 years time while in the meantime continuing to buy young players. This is the only option because well established successful players do not want to go to ARSENAL, NOT ANY MORE.
    The Kronkes now have to spend money to get themselves out of a hole because they didn’t invest in the club before, not properly anyway and they and the fans (and the players) all suffer as a result.
    Secondary is the success of the club. If success comes – great! If it doesn’t, then at least there will be the profit for the Kronkes.
    Arteta is happy with this because he doesn’t really want the old players, he wants his own players especially as his tactics are not working for the old players and remember Saliba is not HIS player. One of the treasures of Arsenal is Aubameyang but Arteta’s tactics do not help him – no-one seems to get the ball to him. Madness!
    What do the players REALLY think about Arteta – they won’t say anything bad otherwise they won’t play – it was ever thus! He is cheaper than other established and successful managers so that suits the Kronkes.
    The fans are now so mixed in their feelings that it won’t take much for them to revolt – their loyalty is being stretched to the limit and they are powerless. Some think that the only way to get the Kronkes or Arteta out is to starve them of match day money – that is the only language they understand, hit them where it hurts – their pocket.
    Sadly, the Arsenal board don’t seem to understand that great football clubs become great through recruitment, recruitment and recruitment – And with the help of a reasonably good manager, the players make the difference, those players who try so hard, desperately trying to win, trying, trying trying. Where are all the tough players?
    There is only one fix – new strong, determined to succeed, owners. Otherwise Arsenal are unlikely to recover.

  4. If we are really honest, we know little or nothing about AMN as a player.

    Arteta was prepared initially to use him as a right back and utility palyer. It seems AMN didn’t fancy that and got hiself off to West Brom “to play in mdfield”. West Brom didn’t enthusiastically fancy that or discover it working well enough in practice. So what do you do? Crucify Arteta it seems.

    Yes, you’d think the club would give him some game time instead of keeping him inactive on the shelf. But with a temporary loan deal, there is as an equal risk that AMN would not show up at Everton as he failed to do at West Brom. So I imagine that £15 million cash would suit Arteta/Kroenke very well. But a loan and return deal? It could easily leave us back at square one. If AMN is not sold, he has to be given game time (under the manager’s direction) to prove himself a Premiership player, something he hasn’t done yet at either The Emirates or The Hawthornes. Otherwise, I agree It all looks like painful indecision based as much on money as ability.

    1. Amin helped Arsenal to win FA and Shield cup . He is the only arsenal player able to hold likes of Mahrez , Salah and Chelsea . Something that all our left backs have failed . You cannot compare Lokonga to Guendozi .You cannot compare Suites to Bulletin. Those were the the exact failures of Lampard in Chelsea . Lampard wanted to sell Ngolo Kante because of his own pride .

    2. How did AMN manage to get called up 5 times for England if he has not proved himself? How is Saliba worse than Chambers, Kolasinac or Holding. How is Willock and Guendouzi worse than Elneny and Xhaka, esp if you play Xhaka as holding midfilder? AMN can even hold better than Xhaka. How is chambers, Cedrick or Bellerin better than AMN at right back? You remember Wosley Fofana of Leicester who played alongside Saliba at St Etienne?, he played the whole season at Leicester and is their star defender and Arteta did not give Saliba a sniff of a game.

      If anything IT IS ARTETA WHO HASN’T PROVED HIMSELF. His decision making is ridiculously poor. It is actually sad for a premier league manager. He seems to like making grudges with players and try to prove a point. Unfortunately the point he is proving is setting bad records

  5. AMN has not proved himself to be a team player at either Arsenal or West Brom. That’s what matters. He comes across as “I want”, not “I give”. The club employs and pays him not
    (In the past) Gareth Southgate.

    If he he is temperamentally unsuited to the squad under Arteta and it’s all Arteta’s fault, let’s by all means keep him , celebrate him, and ship the Manager together with anyone else he chooses to find standing in his way. History may recognise him as an innocent victim showing leadership in getting the club back on track. Anything is possible.

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