Opinion: It’s time for Sky to ditch Souness after his ‘leg breaker’ comments about Man United’s Paul Pogba

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In his pomp, Graeme Souness was as combative and fearless as any player in the English top-flight.

There’s no doubt that he had the ability to drive the Liverpool teams he captained forward, such was his will to win in every game.

A real football ‘hard man’ for want of a better term, he dished it out but could take it too. He was, for all intents and purposes, a huge part of Liverpool’s successes in the early 1980s.

Unfortunately, that’s where some of his punditry opinions belong.

It can’t even be said that Souness talks a good game now because a lot of what comes out of his mouth is embarrassing.

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He doesn’t have the gravitas of a Gary Neville, nor does he have the ability to offer nuance when trying to explain a particular situation. It’s always black or white as far as Souness is concerned.

Graeme Souness should carefully consider his stance on Paul Pogba

His continued targeting of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba also needs looking into.

Clearly, the midfielder’s tackle at Wolves on Sunday wasn’t the best, but for Souness to quickly label it as a ‘leg breaker,’ is treading dangerous ground indeed.

Punditry is all about strong opinions, but they have to be relevant. Not shooting from the lip for the sake of it.

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