Liverpool star speaks out on potential change of position

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Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold has spoken out on potentially changing position from right-back to midfield.

The England international has enjoyed a superb career so far as an attacking right-back or wing-back, though many have observed that his superb range of passing could also make him well suited to slotting in in a more central role.

It would be interesting to see how Alexander-Arnold adjusted to the change, but it’s not something we’ve really had a chance to see yet, so there’s no guarantee it would work as well in practice as it sounds like it would in theory.

The player himself is unsure how he’d get on in midfield, but told the Telegraph he’d be prepared to play wherever his managers decided to use him.

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“I am a right-back,” he said. “I have played that my whole career and I have not really stepped out of it too much. It’s tough to say … in big games in the Premier League I haven’t been thrown in there [midfield], so it’s tough to say that, yeah, I would be able to handle it. You never know.

“I just try to play football. I try to help the team as much as I can, try to get forward and influence the game, create chances and hurt the opposition. Whether I find myself out wide or inside on the ball, it doesn’t matter. I want to hurt the opposition and break them down.

“Essentially there are only two people’s opinions that can change that and that is both the managers I play for. They are the ones who will make the decision.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold in action for Liverpool

It’s not that often we see top players change positions, though Gareth Bale notably started out as a left-back before establishing himself as a world class winger or forward, while Yaya Toure was a striker as a youngster before often operating as a defensive midfielder and even a centre-back at Barcelona, before then being more of an attacking midfielder at Manchester City.

Alexander-Arnold certainly looks good enough to move around a bit, but it’s also debatable if it’s worth taking such a superb right-back out of a position where he’s been so effective.

The 22-year-old also gave some interesting insight into his slightly underwhelming England career so far.

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Despite being such a key player for Liverpool, he’s been unable to replicate that form for his country, and he admits the different style has sometimes been a challenge for him.

“It’s difficult to say really, isn’t it?” he said. “You’re playing a different system [with England], with different players.

“It’s no excuse, but it’s hard to find your feet, to find form when you’re not playing in a team with the same players every time. Anyone is going to have difficulties with that.

“I feel like since I’ve come into the squad, I haven’t really been the best version of myself. I haven’t put in the performances I have regularly for my club and I expect more for myself when I play for England. Hopefully over the next week I am given an opportunity to perform and am able to take it.”

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